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Welcome to New Jerusalem Bank  */ **

Bolivia Pardons Thousands
Sands Orders Debt Erasure
Brazil Axes Prison
Queen Christine Destroys Old Jerusalem *
Jubilee Party Election
Senators Pass Election Contention Law
 Torch Lighting for City of the Sun

World Public Court *


JUBILEE 2016 | New Jerusalem Supreme Court

God Destroys Pope for Attempting to End Jubilee | The Jubilee Party *

Queen Christine Orders Streets Paved with Gold *goldstreets

World Debt Cancelled *
Prisoners Released *
All World Military Honorably Discharged *

#OpIcarus PHASE 4    1/ 2/ 3

The Jubilee Ball !!!

Jubilee 2016 in the News

GUARDIAN | Pope Teams with China for Jubilee | 21 OCT 2016
GENSANDS | Anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild * & Vatican Declare Jubilee 2016
BLACKSTONE | Anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild declares Year of Jubilee | 29 SEP 2016
NEW JERUSALEM | King Julian on Throne of David | Jubilee Leap 2AD
NEW YORK TIMES | Vatican Pope declares Year of Jubilee | 8 DEC 2015
GENSANDS | General Sands declares Jubilee in Senate Office Building | 30 JUL 2015


JUBILEE EXPLAINED ►Leviticus 25:8-17


 World Debt Forgiven & Captives Freed
Military Honorable Discharge WILDCARD
General Sands, World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector

His will HEREBY done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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